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The PetBus 

The PetBus is an interface that is able to do several things:
- connecting the serial bus devices of the C64 family, like a 1541 disk drive, a MPS803 printer etc., to a PET computer or another Commodore computer having the IEEE488 bus **;
- connecting the parallel bus (IEEE488) devices of the PET family, like a 4040 double drive, a 2031 drive, a printer etc., to a C64 or another Commodore computer having the serial bus *;
- connecting the C64 family to virtual PC drives;
- connecting the PET family to virtual PC drives.
With a second PetBus interface, all the serial and parallel devices can be connected to the computers (PET and C64 family) through the ethernet network.
In other words, two PetBus devices are forming an extender of the IEEE488 bus and the IEC serial bus through the ethernet network.
With several PetBus interfaces, you can connect several Commodore computers to one device throught the network.
In one client PetBus you can define up to 9 PetBus servers.
The devices that are connected to each server must be defined in a configuration file.
For each device number, a substitute device number can be defined.
On the serial RS 232 port, the data traffic can be visualized in real time.


**PET2001,PET3000 series,PET4000 series,PET8000 series,P500,610...



PetBus PCB3

PetBus interface

DSC09279 30


DSC09268 30


DSC09267 30

Configuration file on a C64. The PetBus has the device#30

DSC09272 30

 Configuration file on a PET 8032. The Petbus has the device#30

DSC09276 30

On the serial RS 232 port, the data traffic can be visualized in real time. 

DSC09277 30

4 virtual PC drives .

DSC09280 30

 Load"$",15 on a virtual PC drive connected to a C64.

DSC09278 30

Load"$",14 on a virtual PC drive connected to a PET 8032.



 Demonstration of the PetBus


+1 #4 WTE 2016-10-03 13:16
A very great piece of hardware. And we really want to get one (oh, no more than one!) of this. :-)
+3 #3 Bo Zimmerman 2016-04-03 09:16
Stop posting pictures and take my money!
+1 #2 Mario 2016-03-10 15:28
Great stuff. Wanna get one asap ;-)

Any Details on selling yet ?
+1 #1 Michael 2016-03-09 17:29
Hi, just wondering where one could buy one of these. Are they for sale yet? Thanks.

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