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IEEE488 to IEC for the PET

Commodore IEEE488 to IEC bus

DSC08852 20

My Pet 8032 connected with a 1541 diskdrive and a MPS803 printer



PCB of my prototype


DSC08840 20

I use a development board based on the ATmega32U2 from https://www.mattairtech.com/


logic analyser

Snapshot of the IEEE488 and IEC bus on my logic analyzer (Logicport from Intronix) 


DSC08863 20

Load, Save, Open1,8,15, Format, Print#4...on IEC devices


DSC08861 20

open4,4:cmd4:list:print#4:close4 ...directory printed on a MPS 803



+3 #3 raffie 2018-02-22 12:51
Did you ever create a finished product of this? I would be very interested in this.
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